spring 2021 guide to the

Best small garden rooms on the market

Explore 39 small garden room designs. Each one would make a great home office, hobby room, small gym etc. We have found small garden rooms at all price points.

Inside, you will find 39 inspiring garden rooms under 9sqm in size

Small in size, but big on features

So, you are thinking of buying a small garden room. We have used our unique knowledge of the industry to identify the best small garden room options currently on the market. The buildings we have found may be small in stature, but they are big on features.

Each example is designed for year-round use. With insulation, double glazing and specialist membranes to ensure the building will be a warm place to spend time on the coldest days of the year, yet a cool space to be on a hot day.

Each of these small buildings could be used as a home office, hobby room, small gym or simply a place to hide!

Explore 39 inspiring small garden rooms

The guide also highlights the aspects of the project you might need to leave money in your budget to cover.

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